The third down draw was a staple play call of the Lou Holtz era at South Carolina.  When it worked, which was rarely, there was an audible sigh of relief from the stands.  When it didn’t, there were 80,000 play calling experts in the stands bemoaning the predictability of the draw.

This is the commentary and analysis of one of those 80,000.

If you have items you’d like to see or want to tell me something else email me at billy@thirddowndraw.com or message me on twitter @billykoehler.

3 Responses to About

  1. Corey Payne says:

    You should consider a career in comedy because your blogs are laughable!


  2. Anonymous says:

    The university of south carolina football is a joke. Just like your writing.


  3. Mike the Tiger says:

    Wow. Pathetic drivel from another biased gamecock fan.
    Get over it. Your team is terrible and will be next year too. You don’t even have AAC quality players on your team. Awww and you can’t wrap yourself in the comfy SEC blanket because the SEC hasn’t done anything significant in 2 years.


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