The Terrible Mess in Baylor

Baylor’s mess is as bad as it gets, I hope.  The worse scandals in college sports all revolve around the same thing: winning becomes more important than it should be.  I agree it is important, but I don’t think it’s bigger than rules.  I don’t think it’s bigger than laws, and it clearly can never be bigger than innocent people’s lives.  Make no mistake about what has happened here.  The pursuit of Baylor football wins have ruined people’s lives.  Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports:

Baylor got hooked on winning.

It stopped caring about the corrosive side effects of recruiting many questionable characters who could ball out on fall Saturdays. It averted its gaze from violent players who raped women, who beat women, who beat other students. It failed to take significant action against those players – sometimes with the help of the local police. It allowed a criminal subculture to exist within a part of its football program. It left their victims feeling helpless and used, collateral damage in the quest for gridiron glory.

You can read the whole article or many others, but the story is the same.  Baylor, as an institution, ran roughshod over anything that threatened its football success.

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