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Stand Up Defensive Fronts

Writing about Charlie Strong, Kevin Flaherty discusses the Psycho front Strong used at Louisville.  The Psycho front is Strong’s name for the package he uses where the defensive linemen stand up and walk around, jumping from place to place before … Continue reading

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What is success, at Kentucky?

Success is a relative term.  Merely going to a bowl game is a success for one team and a given for another.  Some schools expect to compete for conference and national championships; others just hope.  What does that success look … Continue reading

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What We Learned: Week 12

The Committee Loves Blowouts.  Remember when the BCS instructed the computer rankings to take out margin of victory?  Remember how they didn’t want to see teams run up the score?  The Playoff Committee isn’t like that.  Last year Ohio State … Continue reading

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Alabama – Louisville and “True Road Games”

On Friday morning ESPN reported Alabama and Louisville have agreed to play a 2018 game in Orlando to open the season. Immediately many on twitter derided the fact that the game was not a true road game. Some expanded their … Continue reading

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