Predicting the Next Four Years

College Football eras fit neatly into four year windows.  That’s the usual length of a college sojourn for a student.  ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg uses the leap day to look forward to the next four years.  Among his predictions:

Others that could be generating more national buzz in 2020 include Virginia Tech (new coach Justin Fuente provides the offensive acumen to boost a program with typically elite defense and special teams); UCLA (long overdue facilities upgrade should help, and recruiting already has been elevated); North Carolina (sleeping giant finally pledges more to facilities, which should make the job attractive even if Larry Fedora departs); and Georgia (longtime underachiever in talent-stocked region should put it all together under Kirby Smart). Add in San Diego State if you’re looking for a Group of 5 team that could make some noise.

Rittenberg also talk to coaches about their thoughts:

Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi thinks that unless the NCAA restricts the lineman downfield rule, the number of “RPO” — run-pass option — offenses will increase with speed as the top priority. “It’s becoming basketball out there,” he said.

There are more speculative predictions.  Read the whole thing here.

An interesting point that wasn’t touched, probably because no one really knows, is how defenses will react to the proliferation of effective spread attacks.  Spread attacks aren’t new, but there doesn’t seem to be a strong schematic response from the defense.  Surely one is coming.

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