LSU Football is Untouchable

LSU is always talented.  Next season they appear to be set to return more talent than usual.  Typically the NFL draft hits the Tigers especially hard, a problem many teams would be happy to have.  All of that could be in doubt this season if the state of Louisiana cannot get its finances in order.  An article by Rebekah Allen in The Advocate explains:

It’s not hyperbole, it’s reality, says LSU President F. King Alexander.

If the mid-year cuts to higher education are deep enough that campuses close early or that summer school is cut, then athletic programs will suffer, he told the Baton Rouge Press Club on Monday afternoon.

I’d be a little concerned if I was an LSU fan.  As an outside observer I can comfortably say, don’t worry too much LSU.  It would be absolute political suicide for a legislature to hurt a program like LSU.  That program is too successful and too important for the assembly to hurt it over a budget issue.  Tax increases would be more popular than hurting LSU football.

LSU, as a program, is more important to the state of Louisiana than most other big time programs are to their state because there is no other major program in state.  The football program will be the last thing touched.  Hyperbole from lawmakers and educators is designed as leverage to get what they want.  But, it’s a bluff.  Nothing will happen to LSU football for budgetary reasons.

(H/T: Saturday Down South)

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