Half Measures: Florida Edition

Administrators continue to be puzzled why record tv ratings don’t translate into record demand for season tickets, especially for football.  In response most schools have taken slow, inadequate steps to upgrade the game day experience.

Wednesday Florida took a step.  They reversed the nonsensical ban on serving alcohol at games.  Except there’s a catch.  As Saturday Down South reports:

At Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, fans in the Holloway Touchdown Terrace and Evans Champions Club will be able to purchase beer and wine until the start of the third quarter during the 2016 season.

At the Stephen C. O’Connell Center, fans will be able to do the same in the Sideline Club and Courtside Club until the start of the second half. The new amenities there will be provided in December 2016, once a $64.5 million renovation is completed for the new O’Connell Center.

So the alcohol will only be available in the premium areas.  I suppose that’s a sound strategy for getting existing fans to upgrade their seats to the premium areas, but will it draw new fans or replace those who find the home experience to be superior?

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Billy Koehler is the founder of ThirdDownDraw.com and a contributing writer at DixielandSports.com. He has been covering college football since 2006. You can follow him on twitter @billykoehler.
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