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5th Down means one thing

On Oct. 6, 1990, a football game was stolen, and the culprit was … the fates. It was a day when math teachers lost count and sure runners slipped and fell. It was a day when telephones went unanswered and … Continue reading

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24 Hours of College Football

It’s never to early to start looking forward to opening day.  The college football off season is a grueling 233 day slog.  This season we’ve only gotten through 57 days so far, but instead of dwelling on that, let’s fantasize … Continue reading

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SEC East Down

There was a time when the SEC was the best conference in college football.  It was a time when that fact could not be seriously debated, except by partisans of other conferences and people playing devil’s advocate.  There are those … Continue reading

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What We Learned: Week 8

Think Twice Before Kicking that FG.  For years we’ve all known that in a tie game there’s virtually no downside to kicking a field goal as time expires.  If you make it, you win; if you don’t, there’s overtime. Auburn’s … Continue reading

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