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Gridiron Glossary: Strong Side

The strong side of an offensive formation is the side of the field, left or right, where the offense has more blockers available for a running play. Many defenses or defensive calls rely on designating the strong side of the offense … Continue reading

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How Alabama will Defend Wisconsin

Alabama will open the season against Wisconsin and their power run game in Arlington.  This week should be the time the Crimson Tide will begin to focus on the Badgers.  Of special importance to the Tide will be Wisconsin’s power … Continue reading

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Gridiron Glossary: Splits

A split is the horizontal distance between two offensive lineman when they are in the formation. Splits vary by the offense, coach and situation.  When the offense lines up with wide splits they create large gaps.  Those gaps can be … Continue reading

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The Narrative: The Fruit of Talking Season

After the last whistle of the last game until the kickoff of the first game, we are mired in talking season.  We talk and talk and talk.  We rehash; we debate; we argue.  We do everything we do during the … Continue reading

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NCAA Dodges Bullet, Will Still Face Firing Squad

On Monday the National Labor Relations Board declined to exercise jurisdiction over the case to unionize Northwestern football players.  Essentially the NLRB declined to make a ruling in the case, which is a loss for the plaintiffs trying to unionize … Continue reading

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Ohio State’s System Quaterbacks

If you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have one. This cliche of conventional football wisdom sounds alternatively like Yogi Berra gibberish or an observation from a five year old. Usually this saying means that if one quarterback on your team … Continue reading

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South Carolina’s Zone Running Game

In Columbia, the Gamecocks are trying to bounce back from a disappointing 7-6 season. All eyes are on the quarterback derby and the improvement on the defensive line. If those two areas are strong, South Carolina’s season will be better … Continue reading

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Georgia Tech’s Option Play and Offense

Style defines.  The Fun and Gun defined Florida in the 90s.  Alabama is defined by their defense.  Ohio State is now known for Urban Meyer’s Spread offense.  In Atlanta Georgia Tech is the triple option.  Paul Johnson’s offense is called a … Continue reading

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Bravo Big Ten

Conference commissioners and coaches have been talking about what teams’ schedules should look like for years.  At its media days event the B1G took the lead in scheduling.  Beginning with the 2016 season, all Big Ten members will be required … Continue reading

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Insulting the Offense that Beat You

Has your team ever lost to an underdog running a new offense?  Have you seen a team you don’t respect beat a more traditional team by running an unorthodox attack?  Did a trick play sucker your defense?  When one of … Continue reading

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